Effluent treatment plant in Ranchi - Jharkhand

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Effluent treatment plant (ETP)

Effluent treatment plant Effluent treatment plant

We provide best quality Effluent treatment plant solution in Ranchi, Jharkhand. In this process, firstly, effluence collected in the collection sump are pumped to the screen and bridge chamber to remove mainly large objects brick and sand. Effluent is then routed to equalization chamber where through the physical process flow of wastewater is equalized and thus its characteristics.

Waste water flows to flash mixer for the addition and reaction of chemicals and goes down to flocculate where impurities get correlated. Then wastewater which is now a little thick due to chemical reactions is passed through primary clarifier for physical chemical treatment and subsequent aeration. For biological treatment the effluent is routed to secondary clarifier and bio oxidized in aeration tank. Meanwhile the sludge is separated from each of the clarifiers and stored for further disposal as per standard norms.

In the tertiary phase secondary wastewater is passed through a sand filter and then activated carbon filter for ultimate treatment. The final treated effluent from the sea ETP meets these statutory norms. In this complete process electricity is used at only 2 points for pumping water. The rest of the flow is maintained by gravity. And our Effluent treatment plant gives all in one solution to our customer.

The Best Effluent treatment plant in Ranchi

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